Saturday, October 19, 2013

Git-flow vs Rebase

Do you know there is two opposite approaches to deal with git in a team? Git-Flow and Rebase lets go deeper.


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  • sometimes it's look like NY subway

NY Subway


The main idea is to keep history like a straight line without tying parallel branches and margin and So main point is reduced complexity as a result.


  • result will be like a straight line;


  • it's so easy to break history If you haven't really deep understanding how its work.

What is the best way for you? Do you use rebase or git-flow approach? What do you use in your team and why?

As for me I prefer 'rebase straight line style' - Because of lack of that crazy knitting of branches. But I'm sure - shallow learning curve is the ace of trumps of git-flow. So I got it even if it was my 1st project with it :) See you on my next project.

Interesting facts

Mozilla has used git-flow repo tree to decorate his web-dev page blog.

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