Sunday, November 22, 2015

My Interview about freelance

Half year ago I was interviewed by RJ Lynna as freelancer. Main question was how to become top rate freelancer on Upwork (it was ODesk). There are couple other freelancers as well. So if you like to know more about freelance welcome to this post.

Here is my part of interview:

  • When did you start working as a freelancer?


  • What made you want to work as a freelancer?

    I decided to move from my previous job. But it was too hard to find other good job in a short time. So I decided to earn some money for needs. But after 1st year I realised that I don’t really need office work.

  • What jobs have you worked in oDesk?

  • What contributed to your success in being one of oDesk’s Top Rated freelancers?

    None. it is really not important – you can find well payed job ever if don’t have any spending hours on odesk – I have such a friend. It is real.

  • What is your advice to the upcoming freelancers?

    Do short and creative things, follow the best guys. Don’t spend time on what you don’t like there a lot of people that do it with a pleasure. It is better find what do you really passion and do it online. Life is too short to spend it on a messy things.

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