Thursday, May 29, 2014

ORM for Node.js / Draft v0.0.1

# JugglingDB support: MySQL, SQLite3, Postgres, Redis, MongoDB, CouchDB/nano, Firebird. # Loopback Datasource Juggler support: +MSSQL, migration ( # Sequelize

Migration tools for NodeJS

You can't find there any brilliant solution as django-south. Anyway, it's hard without them. So there is some please use it at your own risk.


author: TJ Holowaychuk

It has some bugs and lack of some useful features. On other hand there a lot of pull request but seems that TJ doesn't has abandoned it.

$ npm install migrate


up, down, create


.... Still don't have experience with it ...

$ npm install db-migrate


up, down, create,...


Author is Oleg Korobenko. Has adapters to support MongoDB and Sqlite.

$ npm install east -g


up, down, create, verbose, db-adapter, fallback on timeout, config file, list of migrations.