Friday, May 31, 2013

Creation of documentation for JavaScript library

If you are developing open source library one of most important things is documentation and it's great if it has good design. But anyway, it's better to have a badly designed documentation than none at all.
So here i'll describe of some tectonics (jsdoc, unittests, grunt) to apply documentation for your opensource project.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Flash Is Still Alive

A one week ago in light of recent events with Adobe and so on I've organize one polling about perspective of changing dev tools from Flash Platform to html5.

So now we have interesting results:

Results for polling from flash to html5

So almost nothing is changed flash is still alive!

Let's fight against misspelling


From now I'm adding special tool orphus to fight with misspelling on my dev blog. And now I really need your help in it. So If you have found any misspelling on these pages please select this error and press Ctrl+Enter. I'm going to fix it as fast as possible.

Thanks for your help!

Parallax / On Darlingjs

Here is short article about creating parallax effect upon game engine darlingjs

What is the parallax?

In our case parallax is an effect of perception that takes place when 3D environment is translated into 2D display surface. For example we have an observer with 'view port' (2D) and some objects on different distance from the observer in 3D. If the observer takes left or right step than visually objects located nearby will move faster than objects located further away from the observer. If an object is placed very far from the observer for a short period of time it will look as if it doesn't move at all, like the sun for the observer on the Earth.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Cyclic background / On Darlingjs


One of the issue i got during developing of the 2D game Red Cabriolet was creation of landscape with taste of 3D environment. In other words:
  • the landscape mast be unlimited;
  • placed behind the main stage;
  • and gives feeling of 3D space in 2D;