Friday, March 15, 2013

Best of the 8th week (EN)

Hey guys there is brand new best of, breakthrough news. Flash vs Html5, Guitar Fx based on AngularJS, TypeScript, one game on LeapMotion and the webgl podcast, don't miss it. Here we go.


Flash vs Html5 of flash and html5 possibilities

Guitar Fx

Guitar effectors in browser: Overdrive, Chorus, Delay, Reverb and Amp. Built on #AngularJS


Here is the new one podcast @thewebglpodcast form @aerotwist with @mrdoob about three.js. So don't waist of time – listen it.


Flying Saucer Championship

Here is prototype of Laurent Bedubourg Flying Saucer Championship game.


Brand new look of Facebook

So it's look so similar as a GooglePlus.


In last week we have crazy buzz around TypeScript. Maybe first was Thibault Imbert that has said in his blog that he switch from actionscript to javascript and also very exited about TypeScript. Also later have added new personal blog about javascript.
Second was a Lee Brimelow with it's short example of TypeScript coding on sublime

More about TypeScript.


It turns out that i haven't enough time to write down 'best of' every week. And also I'm going to switch back to one theme in one post. I think it more interesting that best of format. Anyway you can poll for type format that you are prefer. Thanks to all. See you.

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