Friday, March 1, 2013

Best of the 7th week (EN)

Don't forget it's is the 1st day of the spring so everything became greener and hotter. It's good time for breakthrough events and launching new applications. But in last week of the winter I have also find many interesting stuff: Time-consuming html5 game BomberMine, Graphics and diagram by D3, some math and NY gamedev event. So let's go:


Bombermine game

Bombermine Online

Bombermine Be careful! This game will steal your work day!

It's old-school looking game Bomberman but with new game mechanics, like pacmans that are eating the world. Main cool features - it's really online deathmatch game with many opponents its so exciting.

As author said game use AngularJS inside but just for interface and for realization single page application approach. Other client staff written with a GWT. So also Miško Hevery (author of AngularJS) said that AngularJS fit better for CRUD application, but we had enough CRUD parts in game so we can use it anyway like in this game. And maybe next question is - what entity engine best fit for integrate with AngularJS framework.

By the way Colt McAnlis (developer advocate of google) has opposite point of view and think that we don't need to use DOM frameworks at all, and better is use something like this

ImpactJS is good but sadly not free. So we need find something new.

Also inside BomberMine has 2 different rendering systems based on Canvas and WebGL. And to better performance choose last one when it possible.

On server side game has: java, jetty, gradle.

Secret link to look on the battle map from bird's-eye.

D3 - Graphics and Diagram on JS

D3 is cool low level API for building Complex data flow graphics and diagram upon DOM and SVG. And dangle is AngularJS directive upon the D3 for visualizations of elasticsearch. It's now implements Data Historam, Donut Chart and Area Chart. And can by good tutorial for D3 and AngularJS interaction. Sadly I have problems with implement this library. I hope the author solve this in near future. Yeah! Eric Gaumer has solve it. Here is result of live update of histogram:

Bower Installs

Example of other Pie Chart D3 implementation on AngularJS directives it's show most installed package through Bowler.

Matrix in JS

During implements some LeapMotion experiments I have needed some matrix operations for 2D transition so i done short research of JS library and found two interesting implementations:

  • GL-Matrix from the world of OpenGL and C. I have glanced inside and agree with author - it's one of the fastest implementations. But API still the same as old good times.

  • Sylvester math library implementation. It's has more lovely API realization, that look like a jquery:

Sadly i don't know any CDN with Sylvester so sources below doesn't run.


Mar 8, 2013 - Adobe Game Jam - New York

Adobe Game Jam Event

Hackathon Adobe game development event. If you are living in NY and like to develop games don't miss this event. For 2 days you need to develop games and show up to other participants. Best one will win. I think it will be very creative.

What is the best one on your opinion?


Photo by +Alyona Krevenetz .

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