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Epic Update of Flash Roadmap (jan 30, 2013) Updated

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You know, today (January 30, 2013) Flash Roadmap has Update again.
So we have some good news and some bad. From which we will start? Let's do short look of changes in order:

Strategic focus of the Flash runtimes

(Nothing new)
Flash - focus on Game and premium video.
html5, css, js - focus on rich motion graphics.

Premium Features

(Good news)
XC APIs no longer classified as Premium Features. So developers can use Stage3D API with Alchemy API without additional license agreements with Adobe. However, additional Premium Features may be added in the future.
So we also can use Apparat optimization with Stage3D for free. It's cool. But Adobe can change its mind again. It's not so cool.

Flash Players

Folsom (Middle size town in California) / first half of 2013

main goal: security improvements and stability.
Some Features:
  • Ability to query graphics vector data at runtime
  • Full-screen permission dialog user interface improvements
  • Ability to load SWFs at runtime when deploying as an AIR application in AOT mode on iOS
    AOT - Ahead-of-time compilation that convert all actionscript code to native code. So there no any interpretation or JIT compilation, everything run native. More.
  • Finer grained control over supported display resolution on iOS devices when deploying as an AIR application

Geary / first half of 2013.

How is Geary?
main goal: video, security, and stability; Some Features:
  • Recursive stop API on MovieClips;
  • Additional runtime texture compression support for Adobe AIR (PVRTC & ETC);
  • New ATF compression options for 2D games;


(good for flex, not so good for new-generation UI frameworks)
main goal : development of the existing VM architecture.
Adobe changed it mind about creation new VM "Next" and focus on extend exits Flash Player. Because with new VM "next" there no backwards-compatible, as were with AS2 and AS3. And high burden on developers to porting existent code base.
At the same time, Adobe plans to continue its next-generation virtual machine and language work as part of the larger web community doing such work on web-based virtual machines. Does they talk about html5? Yes, Adobe talk about html5.

Windows 8

(bad news)
Adobe will support Flash Player for Windows 8. Also AIR for Windows 8 Desktop on x86-based computers. But no plans to support Adobe AIR for Windows 8 Modern UI apps.

Windows Phone 8

(bad news)
does dropping WinRT development also mean Adobe are dropping Win Phone development?
The roadmap has never said (or suggested) we are working on Windows Phone support (we are not).
Take from Mike Chambers  comments in G+:


For Flash Player releases after 11.2, the Flash Player browser plug-in for Linux will only be available via the "Pepper" API as part of the Google Chrome browser distribution and will no longer be available as a direct download from Adobe.
Adobe has discontinued support for Adobe AIR for Linux operating systems.

So. Whats comes next?

Do you like changes?


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