Sunday, January 13, 2013

Best of the 1st week (EN)

in russian
Hello World! Here is 1st digest. Let's begin.


AngularJS MTV Meetup: Best Practices (2012/12/11) by Miško Hevery

AngularJS it's like new flex for Rich application. Now it's doing its first steps, and we can do it better. This video interesting even if you not use AngularJS, but only interested in architecture of frondend applications.

eLearning: HTML5 Game Development (CS255)

html5 Gamedev on Udacity
This course starts on 04 February 2013 don't miss it.

Html6 spec

One of propose of next html (html6) specification from one enthusiast - Oscar Godson. Main idea lay in using nor tags but namespace. And give developers some free for changing tags. Generally it look like flex, but for javascript and html.


PatternCraft - Null Object Pattern - Part 1 by John Lindquist

Very basic explanation of Null Object Pattern, if you don't use this pattern, i recommend you to look this video, and try, it's very easy, but no less useful.


statistics of the flash usage
Flash doesn't die, and still growing.


Don't hesitate. Tell us what interesting you has found in the world of IT in last week.

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