Friday, February 22, 2013

Best of the 6th week (EN)

Next best of... of week. In shortly you will know about: p2p, Duke Nuken 3D, HTML5 Gamedev, platform action game and Diablo. So let's go.


Cool! p2p in web browser, without plugins. But it's upon WebRTC, so now only dev and canary version of Chrome have supported that feature.
By the way it's cool to use flash p2p where is no any WebRTC, but authors said that flash implementation of p2p is close source and use proprietary soft on the serverside. It's sad but true, so flash p2p doesn't help we need waiting for complete implementation of WebRTC


Duke Nukem 3D Core Review

Duke Nukem 3D Core Review
Next deep dive in Dure Nukem 3D code with Fabien Sanglard is out. It's not peace of cake but helpful. I like cool architectures believe you might like.


Udacity HTML5 Game Programming (CS255) Course Launch

This is introduction in HTML5 Game Programming CS255 that goes on Udacity. May sound interesting, but very boring inside. Guys you need to push more breakthrough new information but not so basic stuff.


Robots Are People Too
Old one multi-player platforme action game - Robots Are People Too on html5. Here is sources. It's was done 2 years before but still looking good.


Diablo-js - small prototype for 2.5D game looking like old good diablo. It's real small only 743 lines of js code with maybe one third of raw level data.

Most interesting is

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