Friday, February 1, 2013

Best of the 4th week (EN)

in russian
I have got some damage, after was ridding a skateboard this week, so it's been to hard right down any "week end best of". But anyway i have wrote some about kinect library update and one Google puzzle game. I hope you like. So come on:


New version of AIRKinect 2.3.0

AIRKinect 2.3.0
AIRKinect 2.3.0 is out. Some of the new features are:
  • Skeleton Smoothing
  • Setting the camera angle on OSX / OpenNI
  • Do you design any Kinect AIR application?
  • Please give link on it.
  • Do you know any interesting Kinect AIR for desktop?

Adobe Flash Roadmap update

Adobe Flash
As we have write before Adobe has update it Flash Roadmap. In shortly Adobe change it mind about: canceled premium features, VMNext and Support in AIR Windows 8 Modern UI.


Puzzle game on Google Map

Mercator Google Map Puzzle
Puzzle game on Google Map with famous Mercator projection, also known as "Boy Do We Love Greenland". Created by Luke Mahe


Let me know what you have found interesting for this week. I'm very interesting to know. See you late.
in russian

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