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All About Leap Motion

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I think Leap Motion will be one of the famous gadget in near future. Certainly them will bring some new user experience, that we haven't before. Forrester has mentioned Leap as #1 of list of break through UIs.
But now Leap is just heap of potential possibilities. You can't find any friendly application that has developed special for Leap. And to convert possibilities to attractive gadget Leap Motion need ecosystem of creative application based on new user experience. And they do. They have sent thousands of gadget for passionate developers for free.

So they have send Leap for my too. Thanks for Leap Team.
And thanks customs brokers of Montenegro border, i have paid 30 euros for Leap and some papers. It is worth noting Leap Motions promises give me back that money, so if you want get this device.
Any way, it was worth. Leap real cool device.

like-FAQ / Just mentioned some points about it Leap

What is the Leap?

Leap is 3D user interface, that send fingers and hands position in a space to computer. As say creators accuracy of Leap is about 0.01 mm. So you can interact with application with you hands in 3D space.

What inside?

Inside box we just have Leap, usb wire and message from creator of Leap. Leap has 2 cameras and 3 LED inside. By the way Kinect has only 1 camera for scanning depth. 

How much it cost?

Now PreOrder is $70, it is approximately 50 euro. And some shipping cost.

What could LeapMotion see?

Palms, Fingers and Tools in Palms (like stick).

Can I get RAW data for capturing something different? For doing something like 3D scan.

Nope. Right now all you can get - only Entities from API : Palm, fingers and tools. More about it

Which gestures are supported?

Now only three (3) gestures:






Some interesting demos and ideas

Official Promo

The Geek Tune (Rocking the Leap Motion) by Gratoo

Cool music performance with Leap, it's like famous Take Me Out - tune from Atomic Tom.

Ink Motion by Jared Deckard

Interesting art project from the creative programmer Jared Deckard. Source of project is available on github.

Vitrun with Leap Motion by Evasion Games

Here is ready made puzzle game from Spain. Developed by game faktory. Cool graphics and interesting gameplay. I'd like to play it.

Playing bowling with Leap Motion controller and Unity3d by Michel Ho Fong Fat

Cool ideas. I have some friends that play bowling, so i certainly will show it for them :). By the way Michel already has cool sport games for mobile platform, so i think he will port them for Leap.

Augmented Reality with Leap by Advanced Interactions

Cool mash-up for two new technoloty by

Leap as Mouse by Tango Chen

As you see you can use Leap as mouse. It is not so sensitive but make more fun.

First Leap Motion experiment controlling AU/VST effects by Geert Bevin

Leap as music controller by
Geert Bevin

Air Drum by Liquid Rain

3D Fingertapps piano / David Brebner

Fingertapps Bug Blitz demo / David Brebner

Leap Motion Developer Profile: Adam Somers

Sorry if i don't include your creative video-demo, if you have one, please send to me on hyzhak[at]ya[dot]ru. I'll update the post. Or put it in comments.
Here is dev forum where developers publish their ideas. So follow them.

Developers Tools

As you maybe know my main platforms is javascript and as3 (flash). So i will talk about them:


Official LeapJS - Leap Javascript library with examples. And docs.
Unofficial LeapJS - Here is useful library from Jared Deckard. That has many features as calibration and tracking position.


LeapMotionA3 - as3 library for flash application. Work on web also on desktop-AIR applications. I have try it and at the moment AIR-version doesn't work correct on my computer (Windows7). But i have connect with creators of libs: Wouter Verweirder and Victor Norgren so i think we'll fix it in near future.
Main approach of these libs is connect application with drivers on the socket as a server. Also on official page we have SDK for other languages: C++, C#, Objective-C, Java, Python.

What plans?

Leap Motions going to launch their own Applications Store.


If you have creative ideas or free time, let me know. I like to develop break through things.
If you found any misprints of mistakes don't hesitate please send to me on hyzhak[at]ya[dot]ru. Thanks.


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