Friday, February 15, 2013

Best of the 5th week (EN) UPDATED

in russian

It's shortest best of, i have ever have, just Stage3D, Adobe Photoshop and Mashup.


Realtime photos v0.1.1 Meteor Edition

Realtime photos v0.1.1 Meteor Edition
I have already write about this mashup, now it get some bug-fix updates and adding one actual theme - meteor of Chelyabinsk.


Online conference of Stage3D (3D technology of Adobe Flash)

Online conference of Stage3D

In conference will be many key people from breakthrough 3D technologies in Flash:
Connection will be through Adobe Connect. Where you can ask questions to reporter and discuss 3D technology for Flash Platform. Presentations will be recorded and shared after event. Work language is English.
See you 22 feb 2013 online.


Sources of Adobe Photoshop v1.0

Sources of Adobe Photoshop v1.0

Incredible, Photoshop were written on Pascal. Here is sources.


CS169.2x: Software as a Service / BerkeleyX

Here will start second part of famous online courses of web developing (named: Software as a Service). It's big challenge to skip first and successful start from second, but why not try? Staff: Armondo Fox and David Patterson.

Main topics are: Rails, Legacy Code, Teams, Version Control, Design Paterns, SOLID, Javascript, Deployment, Performance and Security.


On the cover photo by Michael (MicDev).


feedback surveys

in russian

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